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President of Sinn Fein McDonald's Visit To Cahir Enterprise Centre

During a recent visit to Cahir, Mary Lou McDonald TD, her colleagues Ciara McCormack and James Lyons made a visit to Cahir Enterprise Centre and met with representatives from the boards of Cahir Development Association, Cahir Day Care Centre the supervisor of the local Community Employment Scheme, together with employees and people who use these amenities locally.

During her visit various rural community support issues were discussed including the difficulty of recruiting CE employees, without which, many of the local community groups such as CDA and the Cahir Day Centre would struggle to run their service. The continual battle to secure funding from government departments who seem distanced from understanding rural problems is an ongoing concern for these groups.

The slow withdrawal over successive years of vital services is isolating and disadvantaging many members of our community. The reduction of funding and difficulties for organisations who endeavour to bring services and projects to smaller towns and villages is slowly taking rural community development to a standstill.

The discussion was highly informative and the President of Sinn Fein Mary Lou McDonald stressed she would look forward to engaging with the groups again in the near future.