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“Reduce the burden on working parents”, says Mary Newman Julian

Mary Newman Julian, FG candidate for Tipperary, attended the Fine Gael Parliamentary Party Think-In in Galway last week, where they discussed Housing, Health and Child Care, among other issues.

Childcare Childcare centres that currently provide both childcare and early education services are subject to full commercial rates. Mary spoke during the childcare workshop, ‘If we truly recognise the value of early education, such childcare education centres should be exempt from commercial rates, similar to other school & college educational centres. This would help reduce the cost of providing these services to families, and in turn reduce the overall financial burden'.

Affordable, flexible, childcare is essential to enable parents, both mothers and fathers, to go to work in the knowledge that their children are safe and secure. Government policy needs to do more to support parents as they juggle work commitments and family life.

‘For example, the local childcare facility in New Inn pays over €7,000 in commercial rates per year, whilst a Clonmel based childcare provider is paying in the region of €13,000 in rates per year and inevitably this cost must be shared with service users', said Mary. In addition, introducing tax credits for families who have their children minded at home would be of significant help to workers, in particular those who work outside of a routine 9-5 day. Mary added ‘ I will continue to work on development of childcare policy with my FG colleagues to take into account what people in Tipperary are telling me is important to them.

Housing Housing, the provision of social housing and the homelessness issue was one of the main topics discussed in Galway. “First time buyers in Tipperary, aged between 18 and 70 can apply for a 90% mortgage on a property up to a value of €250,000, with 3 different rate products available: 2% fixed for 25 years, 2.25% fixed for up to 30 years and a variable rate for up to 30 years”, said Mary.

First time buyers in Tipperary can apply through Tipperary County Council for a Rebuilding Ireland Home Loan, and avail of lower interest rates than currently on offer from some of the main banks. People can visit to work out how much they can borrow and see the repayment rates.

There are quite a few vacant premises in the county of Tipperary, some council owned, some in private ownership. Mary Newman Julian and her team are compiling a list of vacant premises around the community and will be bringing this list to the council in the coming weeks. “With approximately 3,000 people on the housing waiting list in Tipperary, the refurbishment of vacant premises would provide a home for many families who need one at this time”, said Mary.

Health Sláintecare is focused on re-orientating services from acute hospital settings to a primary care setting. “With planning permission recently granted for a new primary care centre in Cahir, we are working towards providing more health care in the community, which should in turn reduce waiting lists in hospitals”, said Mary.

“Hospital care will always be needed and the 40-bed modular unit in South Tipperary General Hospital will help reduce waiting times over the coming months”, she added. The development and availability of specialised clinics around the country will also help reduce waiting times for elective procedures, with the new specialised Cataract clinic in Nenagh an example of specialised regional treatment clinics.

For more information please contact Mary on (086) 3844 196