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Housing Motion

A motion tabled to the Monthly meeting of Clonmel Borough District by Cllr Andy Moloney today has asked to address the derelict houses in our towns and villages. Cllr Moloney say that while the department are paying out on R?S schemes( Rented Accommodation Scheme) to tenants while houses are lying vacant is ludicrous. He claimed that due to the economic downturn, many people have just left property idle with no means of maintaining it. He says that the environment and housing departments of the council should find the owners and get consent to renovate and use the building for a period of 5 years. In that way he explained that the council could claim back the R?S on the premises and sort out a housing issue.In the meantime it would sort out a derelict site and after 5 years they would have made a saving on their housing budget and the owners may be in a position at that stage to rent or take ownership of their house. We have too many houses left get out of control and instead of a use it or lose it rule this approach may be more favourable. It would mean an initial investment for the council but the rewards would be 4 fold. The 2000 people on the list needs to be sorted asap.