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It was a busy week for Cahir Tidy towns who facilitated the Cycle for Suicide into town on Thursday. It was great to see so many locals on the tour and those who joined for the day. It may have been a bit late on arrival but great credit to everyone for helping out. On Thursday evening we teamed up with the Moore Abbey Milers for the launch of the Cahir Downhill Half Marathon on Sunday 12th July. This is a new event to Cahir and the HQ will be Duneske. The competitors will be bussed out to Kilbehenny and they will start from there and finish in the Castle Car Park. The meet & train guys will complete and others will steward the event. On the domestic scene we would like to welcome some members of the Polish Community who gave us a hand to put back the hoarding on the co-op site. We hope to get a break in the weather to paint it and we have plans to paint a Muriel on it. We will be looking for groups in the town to come and paint the Muriel but don?t worry as Tina Looby will have it marked first. This should help the general look of the place and tidy up an eyesore. We are currently in the process of putting the 2015 entry form together and closing date is May 22nd. Any time after that we could see a visit of the judges so we would like everyone?s help to get another few points for the town. Meet as normal on Wednesday night at 7pm in the Market yard