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Duneske Children’s Playground

The Children's Playground at Duneske has been in operation since November 2008 when it was officially opened by the then County Council Chairman Mr Derry Foley. It was constructed on Cahir Developments Association own site at a cost of €134,000.00 mainly from the “dormant account” initiative. It has been serviced and maintained over the ten years by CDA since 2008. However time has taken its toll on the equipment and notwithstanding the recent phenomena of anti social conduct by a few that resulted in the Directors of CDA having to determine whether to close the facility or give it a complete make-over at considerable cost. After some head scratching and consultation with local authorities it was determined to close the playground temporary and give the equipment a complete refurbishment.

The Board of directors of Cahir Developments Association wish to apologise for the inconvenience of having to close the Playground facility from Thursday last whilst it embarks on a complete overhaul of all the equipment. Over the years as pieces of equipment got broken or worn they were repaired or replaced as they became apparent. At this point in time negotiations are at an advanced stage with the County Council who will use our playground as the pilot project to be rolled out across the whole county in time. Because of this joint venture the equipment had to be upgraded or replaced in some cases. This of course comes at an approximate cost of €10,500.00 from within the community. The local community Lotto will be funding this to the best part. CDA has applied for “grant aid” to assist with this refurbishment costs.

When this refurbishment is complete it is the intention by the Council to take control of the complete facility and council staff has been up-skilled in the running and maintaining of the Playground. The hours of opening may change and in that regard please watch these notes. In return there is a requirement from the Cahir community for a panel/roster of adults to assist with the supervision of their children using the playground facilitates. It is a Health & Safety requirement that no child will engage with any of the playground equipment without adult supervision. We are confident that with this adult supervision the future of the playground is assured.

Ever mindful of our commitment to the community, the Board of Director's of CDA are optimistic that adults will be forthcoming to insure that the playground remains open for the overall enjoyment of the children of the community particularly those whose children gain enjoyment from their engagement with safe and challenging equipment.

We would particularly like to thank our contractor, who specialise in installing and maintaining playground equipment, for the professional and considerate undertaking in reducing the closure time whilst the work was in progress. Health and Safety being of the paramount importance