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Casey's Cambodian Challenge So Far

We spoke with Mossie Casey this afternoon. He had the following to say from his trip to far:

Scooters are used for everything. Over 5 million in Saigon alone. It was like being in a James Bond movie yesterday, navigating our way through crossings and roundabouts, scooters going in all directions with our bikes among them. It was an incredible experience.

The whole trip so far has been extremely hot averaging at 35 degrees. We are making good progress and are on track to meet our final goal.

The food here is far from what I am normally used to. We get up at 6am and are greeted by smiling faces of kids as we pass by and they are all greeting us. It is very hard to credit how they survive with the amount of dust from the dirt tracks and their shacks along these tracks.

There are kids as young as 9 driving mopeds and they would carry three or four other kids on some of them. The laws here seem very soft compared to back home. Yesterday we witnessed three accidents alone.

It is also hard to find any mode of internet in the remote areas. I will try to post another update before I return.

I hope the money is pouring into our great day care centre back home and I want to thank all those people who have supported this cause so generously.

I was so overwhelmed by the supported from Cahir and surrounding areas. Thanks and best regards, Mossie.