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Beef Boost for Cahir

Cllr Andy Moloney has welcomed the news that the ban on Irish beef has been lifted in the US and says that it can only have a positive effect on the local ABP plant in Cahir. While the Americans consume 11 ? billion kgs of beef annually, about 10% is imported and Ireland can now tap into this market. At a time when irish farming has been focusing on Milk Quotas, there should now be a demand on Irish Beef. While it is said that the demand for top cuts of beef is satisfied by markets already, what we really need is a demand for the lower end and that market will not be in the US. Either way it can only be good to have a demand which could be good for the supplier but drive the price of higher end cuts up at the Irish counters for the consumer. It will take some time to find a balance but once Irish beef has been accepted let?s hope that Bord Bia and the department will work towards selling the whole carcass and not just selective cuts. Cllr Moloney says that small & medium businesses have been keeping the flag flying in the Cahir Area on the Industry scene for years along with the Goodman group and we are now a Tourism, Business and Industrial hub of note and can compete for more industry in the area.