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Council Motion Helps ISL Bill Pass In The Dail

A Motion put before Tipperary County Council by local councillor Andy Moloney almost 2 years ago has finally made it over the line in the Dail last week.

Cllr Moloney had a Motion before the council to have the Irish Sign Language (ISL) recognized and was historic when sign language legislation was passed through the Dail.

Moloney's Motion was supported by the full Council and was driven in the Seanad by Senator Mark Daly.

Moloney says that there are over 50,000 users of sign language by the deaf community and there is now a duty on public bodies to provide ISL interpretation at no cost to the user. While there will be an initial shortage of interpreters in the country, this bill will now help increase the number of users and a registrar will be built of qualified persons.