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Cahir Rowing Club

Dave Heffernan WON and CAME FIRST in our first EVER competition in Cork at The Head of the River 2015 Competition.. What a legacy to claim fame to.... Thank you Dave!!

Cavan Fox did amazingly well and also by the size of that smile he was also DELIGHTED with his hard work and the medal you can see he's holding.... Thank you Cavan!!

A HUUGEE THANK YOU to so so many people:

To Shandon Boat Club, thank you for having us, making us welcome and for taking the time to support our maiden voyage..

To all the people who took the time to come with us to cheer on and support... you people ROCK!

And finally, thank you to all you who have been texting, 'liking' our posts and supporting us to even get to here today, you are all amazing...

Our first Outing and we came back feeling like Kings with Medals, smiles and new friends made....

THANK YOU, you made this day, our first day as Cahir Rowing Club possible and also unforgettable

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