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Official OT Run Comes To Cahir

Great news from Dublin as they have confirmed last night that Cahir will become an official OT run on 21st February at 11am.

The decision came after things were sorted with Tipperary Sports Partnership ,the safety statement  was put in place and related issues were resolved.

This is a big boost for the town and recognition of the amount of effort been put into walking and exercise in general over the past two years through Irish heart foundation and get Ireland walking.

The Cork and Dublin venues sold out overnight and OT Dublin conceded to the Tipperary venue and want footage of the event for the RTE show.

Cllr Andy Moloney who started the programme last year with members of the Tidy Towns has paid tribute to all those who supported the 2 years and those who turn up every Tuesday and Thursday. He also acknowledged that if it were not for the Shaun Fogarty Appeal last year we may never be where we are and Shaun has inspired the community and continues to do so as he strives to get back home.

The sponsors of the event will be announced later.