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A Lighthearted Story

A lighthearted moment, some weeks ago a sports cup was found on the street in Cahir ad handed into A local Bar which was the nearest premises.

The barman set about making enquiries as to who or what Group may have displaced their victorious silverware.

After several days of googling and enquiries to various colleagues and colleges and schools a blank was drawn.

It was decided to head to the local jeweller to see if his contacts would unearth the owners.

The Name on the Cup was not showing up as having any significant meaning until last weekend an young enterprising guy arrived to the pub seeking his prize.

Having met the Barman in question who asked what the cup represented he was met with one of the most enterprising answers ever when he was informed that the cup was especially for socialising purposes. A group of guys head off on the town and take the cup with them and proceed to fill it in several establishments they visit. Sometimes the landlord will fill it free of charge and they celebrate each round as if they have won a title and nobody ever questions.

Now is that enterprising or what. Certainly was a new one for the Barman who thought he had seen and heard it all.