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Cahir Tidy Town Notes

The Cahir Tidy Towns Group will have a community clean up on Saturday morning 23rd September. Anyone participating are asked to register with the group for collection of their bags. We will be working with the a group on a river clean up project and remove all litter from the river in the days leading upto it.

On Monday 25th we will hear how we did in the National Tidy Towns Competition and we would hope to have improved our standing on the National chart.

Currently we are at 304 points and would like to move nearer a bronze medal. We are also entered in a Tree Project section following the great work last year in planting St Declan's Grove and bringing the fallen trees in the Inch back to life. The tree planting project in the Golf Club and our own involvement in the national tree week will help us in this area.

We also entered the Polinator Section where the wildflowers in the Inch, St. Paul's and the works completed in ABP on bee and bug sanctuaries will increase our points also.

Rainwater harvesting in the council depot was also entered and this water was used during the summer to water the beds and baskets around town and also used to wash signs and buildings.

We would hope that on the day of judging that we were in good order but its all on the day so that's why we need everyone vigilant.

We continue to meet in Wednesday evenings at 7 for the hour to touch up some last bits before the Enterprise Town awards and the local competition winner will be announced at an evening to be decided so please watch this space for details.