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Moloney calls for swimming safety measures

At this weeks meeting of Clonmel Borough District, Cllr Andy Moloney called on the local authority to put some swimming safety measures in place at the Roadstone Quarry at Cahir.

Moloney claimed that upto one hundred teenagers could be swimming in the disused quarry on any of the warm days recently. There are no lifebuoys on site and it's an accident waiting to happen. Even though it's privately owned, Cllr Moloney claimed in the interest of safety, a few buoys should be erected. This is not in an effort to encourage the activity but in the case of emergency.He also called for signage to be put in place at the main entry area in Cahir Business Park to make parents aware that the area is unsafe as they drop off their children to a potential death trap.

Every year, disused quarries and rivers claim lives of which families and communities never recover from these tragedies. The fact whether alcohol is involved or not is another question, but regardless, these waters are dangerous.

Moloney claimed that he didn't want to be a spoilsport but people needed to be aware of the dangers and council had a duty to provide this information in the absence of lifeguards. He also looked for signage at the Mall area in a few different languages to let people know that there are no lifeguards on duty.

Full support of the meeting was given and would be investigated by the engineer.