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Tidy Town Zombies Walk for Playground

The Cahir Tidy Towns Group team up with Duneske Playground for a Zombie/Fancy Dress Halloween family walk on Bank Holiday Monday at 12noon. This is a great opportunity for parents to bring small kids on a walked loop around via the Colaiste and back up the town through the front gates of Duneske. There will be prizes for the best costume, best dressed family 2+2 and best dressed Individual. There will be teas, coffees and treats after the event in Duneske and a small contribution towards the upkeep of the playground would be welcome. It?s an idea event for kids who want to be part of the Halloween occasion but don?t want to be out late at night. We are still picking litter on Wednesday night and will turn our attention in November for the preparations to host Santa & Mrs Claus with the elves who are sussing out the area at the moment in preparation. He will reside in the Dovecote from 2 to 4 on Saturday and Sunday for the first 2 weekends in December . We are nearly there with work on the Ice House and the lighting is in place just to get it switched on and we hope to get started on the wall at the high footpath shortly once we finalise arrangements with all parties involved. Meet on Wednesday at 7 as we need to clear our the beds for the winter so be prepared for it.

Cahir Meet & Train Group will finalise numbers this coming week for the night out at Christmas. Deposits are been taken every night and anything over and above will be refunded on the night. Its planned for 6th December and a great night is planned. More details at training. It?s great to see new members coming along every night for the walking and jogging and its always easier to do the exercise when you?re in a group. A good few members participated in the Carers 10km at the weekend and once aging our congrats to Ann Marie Burke(Meaney) on receiving Carer of the year for Tipperary. Congrats also to Linda Williams on her exams recently and its great to have Dr Williams with the group, never know when we need her advice. Meet Tuesday and Thursday in Duneske at 7.30 and don?t Forget to register for Operation Transformation in the new year. Now is the time to get motivated for it.

Cahir Playground Upkeep Please bring along your family for the Zombie/Halloween fancy Dress walk on Bank Holiday Monday. There will be prizes in various categories and refreshments after the event. A bucket will be available for donations to help maintain the playground. As this fun area is used free of charge all year around we hope that people who use it will turn out to support this fundraiser.