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Moloneys successful call to suspend water charges.

At the monthly meeting of the Clonmel Borough District the Cahir based councillor Andy Moloney has been successful in getting a motion to have Irish water suspend all water charges until such time as they can provide a ?Fit for Purpose service to the Irish public?. Once again Moloney claimed that while water was free flowing from every hill and spring in the country it was already been paid for through our taxes but also claimed that it was the energy costs to provide water that was the problem.

We are been landed with a hidden PSO levy increase of 50% since October 1st which people are unaware and this will hit every household to the tune of ?73.06 this coming year. This PSO levy is supporting our energy providers who are already in a profit making situation and the ?318 million gathered next year should be sufficient to provide us with our water. We have enough energy resources until 2023 according to our experts so backing up energy providers is a ?No brainer?.

Cllr Moloney then went on to give details to the Chamber on some cases he had to deal with recently and the service was nothing short of scandalous. Irish Water cannot charge for a non-service as is the case in many parts of the country and the government missed a chance to suspend it last Tuesday but instead have built a budget around water revenue and now cannot go back without alterations elsewhere. As of now the Tipperary Co Co and Municipal District across all political divides have backed Moloneys call to suspend all charges. Other councils across the country need to follow his lead. As the saying goes where Tipperary leads , Ireland follows.