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Clifford & Son book on sale in 4 weeks

Peter Clifford is the son of Michael Clifford, who was one of the great Irish chefs ( Michelin Star Chef ) and one of those truly gifted people. Michael opened Cliffords in Cahir years back and this was one of the first places Peter got introduced to the restaurant world. A place he has gone on to rule winning many awards since.

Peter decided to follow in his father?s footsteps; entering the public eye at the tender age of 15 when he won the Tesco Young Chef of The Year in 2006.

He went on to work in the most highly acclaimed restaurants in Britain and Ireland, including Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, 15 by Jamie Oliver, Tom Aikens and Ireland?s only 2 Michelin Star, Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud. He worked in the world class Ballyfin Demesne Hotel.

Peter has won many cookery competitions and writes articles for newspapers and magazines.

Clifford & Son the book will be on sale in 4 weeks ,

Michael Clifford , Peter Clifford , Joe McNamee

In this lavishly illustrated cookery book, food writer Joe McNamee reintroduces Michael Clifford to a new audience, remembering him for the people who once ate his food and establishing his place in the history of modern Irish cuisine.