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“Dáil must be recalled to debate Apple tax ruling,” McGrath

Independent TD Mattie McGrath has called on Taoiseach Enda Kenny to immediately recall the Dáil from its summer recess in order to debate the European Commission ruling on Apple's tax liability to the Irish State. Deputy McGrath was speaking as the issue looks set to create a severe crisis within the political establishment following the Minister for Finance's indication that he will be seeking leave to appeal the ruling to the General Court of the European Union which may in turn refer the matter to the European Court of Justice:

“It is my view that no decision on appealing this ruling ought to be taken without all members of the Oireachtas having first had an opportunity to debate the matter beforehand.

In the event that the Minister for Finance proceeds to do so with the approval of the Cabinet then I think it will quickly become this government's equivalent of the notorious Bank Guarantee.

There are clear parallels here in the sense that we are now being told by the Minister for Finance that a failure to appeal will result in significant long term damage to Ireland's reputation and credibility as well as the fact that we need to do this in order to maintain stability within a key pillar of Ireland's economy.

There are other profound long term issues at stake here, not the least of which relate to the Minister's allusion yesterday on RTE 6.1 News that this is an attempt by the European Commission to create an opportunity to dilute the tax sovereignty of EU member states.

That is an incredibly incendiary political statement that cannot pass without being scrutinised, examined and justified.

It is the scale of the tax liability of over €13 billion which demands an immediate recall of the Oireachtas.

Failure to allow meaningful political participation on this issue now will only serve to paralyse this government's attempt to introduce and pass other pieces of vitally important legislation,” concluded Deputy McGrath.