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Caoimhe Hickey Wins The ‪Galaxy Style‬ Competition

Once she completed her leaving cert in 2015 she decided that she would take a year out from education to get herself sorted she said she "just found the whole figuring out what you wanted to do for the rest of your life so over whelming, when she couldn't even decide to what to wear from day to day." She also said that It was a tough decision to make when all of her friends were heading off to college and she was at home the whole time but she personally felt I needed to take the year out for her own benefit.From a very young age she always adored everything media related, shes literally been fascinated by the whole radio and T.V industry as you can guess from her appearance in the One Direction Movie but it can be an extremely hard industry to get into. She told us that knew she always wanted to pursue a career in something media related but she didn't want to go head first into a course that she might not have any interest in, so she decided to apply for something more short term to get a taster to see if it was really for her .January 2016 she was accepted to study a short Broadcasting and journalism course with Beat 102-103 and that was when she realised that this was definitely something That she'd love to pursue! she decided it was time to get her act together and use the time she had off to set up a blog to get herself started. "It was quite daunting pushing that post button on Facebook to share my first blog post with all of my Facebook friends as I didn't know how people would react but thankfully I have had tremendous support to date" Caoimhe said. After two months of blogging She spotted a competition for "aspiring bloggers", The competition was to win a place at the well known blogger James Butler's Workshop in conjunction with Frockadvisor and Galaxy Ireland ahead of Dublin Fashion Festival. All she had to do was submit my blog to the competition and hope for the best, a week later she got a message to say that they were thrilled with the content featured on her blog and that she had secured a place in the workshop. Last Saturday the 15th of July she attended the event in the Dean Hotel in Dublin with her Sister Leanne, Caoimhe told us that "that alone was a massive achievement for me, as usually it was me attending events for her like both of her graduation ceremony's so I was thrilled that I could bring her along with me to share the expierence with her, let's just say she's The brains of the family and well I suppose it seems I might be the voice of the family! " Overall she said the event was amazing, it was filled with extremely helpful tips and of course Do's And Dont's of blogging which she found extremely useful. Towards the end of the workshop Sonya Lennon from Frockadvisor announced another competition which stemmed from the previous one, this time all you had to do was record a short 15-20 second video

Which included a little bit about yourself, basically they just wanted to see if could you talk behind a camera, and as caoimhe said

"Talking is something that I wouldn't have a problem with"so it came

In very handy for this particular competition which was to be a Reporter for Frockadvisor at Dublin Fashion Festival 2016, where the winner would be at all of the events over the duration of the festival bringing all of Frockadvisor's followers the latest updates. She told us that she was Absolutley thrilled today when it was announced on Facebook that I was the winner of the competition, she will be heading to Dublin at the beginning of September to carry out her duty of being a fashion reporter. This time last year She would of never of imagined an opportunity like this arising so early! She hopes that this is just the beginning of what's to follow in the future.

Pictured Caoimhe Hickey & James Butler