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No deadlines' for Cabinet reshuffle

A Government spokesman has stressed that there are "no deadlines" as talks on a cabinet reshuffle enter a fourth day.

Yesterday afternoon, sources said there was a 50-50 chance of the new Cabinet - and a wide-ranging policy document outlining its plans for the next 18 months - being signed off today.

Yesterday evening, those sources were more optimistic of an early finish - but by last night there was more caution about the prospect of the talks running into a fifth day tomorrow.

A spokesman said there were "no deadlines" for the talks, commenting that the Ministers currently in place were all continuing to serve for as long as they held their jobs.

Both sides are continuing to keep silent about how the talks have been continuing - but backbenchers within both parties will likely become restless if there is no concrete news today.

Only a small number of deputies are usually around Leinster House on a Friday - and party leaders will be wary of having those backbenchers waiting around for news of a reshuffle that they may not be part of.