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Election 2016: Tipperary

Election 2016 Tipperary in images:







**Update 14:40 **

*Seamus Healy and Alan Kelly elected

*Tom Hayes has now been eliminated.

**Update 13:36 **

Jackie Cahill elected

**Update 13:31**

Alan Kelly has arrived at the count centre and is talking to the press.

**Update 13:14**

Words from Fianna Fails Jackie Cahill: "It's a great day.

"Rural Ireland is under pressure so, I hope to be exert some influence to try and get resources into rural Ireland. That will be my main aim in the next Dail. Fianna Fail are going to be in a strong position. It's hard to know what the formation will be of the next government.

"The parliamentary party will sit down in the next few days and luckily enough I am going to part of that parliamentary party so, I am delighted."

**Update 12:25 **

Results from the 5th count:

Michael Smith of FF has now been eliminated.

**Update 11:14**

Mattie McGrath elected, Seamie Morris of Sinn Fein has now been eliminated.

Election 2016 - Tipperary. The past two days in Images. Images are not in order and are under copyright.Prints...

Posted by Cahir News on Sunday, February 28, 2016

**Update 11:13**

Results from the fourth count:

Day 2 (28/02/2016) from the Tipperary count centre

Counting is under way.

**Update 21:44**

The following are the results of the third count.

Noel Coonan is eliminated. Count will continue tomorrow the 28th at 10am

**Update 21:44**

The following are the results of the third count:

**Update 20:47**

The following are the results of the second count:

Eliminated from the count: Siobhán Ambrose

Siobhán Ambrose

**Update 19:50**

The following are the results of the first count:

Michael Lowry deemed elected

Eliminated from the count:

Michael Dillon, Gearoid Fitzgibbon, Marie Murphy

Update 19:45:

The following are the results of the first count:

Update at 19.30:

Michael Lowry arrived at the count centre some time ago and is currently talking to the press. Phones were at the ready. We still await the results of the first count.

The 2016 General Election final tally for Tipperary is now complete and the first count is well underway. We will have more information as it comes in.

Final Tally

Mattie McGrath talking to Tippfm

Marie Murphy talking to Tippfm