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Huge Praise for Hospital Staff at STGH

Moloney's Praise for Hospital Staff

Cllr Andy Moloney called to the South Tipperary General this evening to hear from patients that have been through the mill in recent days as hospital corridors clogged with men and women on trolleys.

The one common factor that came across from the people he spoke to was that the staff are phenomenal and worked to bone. While they would have been somewhat reserved in their opinion before now, these patients wanted the word to go out strong to the minister that it's not the staff that's the problem.

While the issues in health will not be sorted anytime soon,Moloney is quick to point out that an airlock should be put in place immediately at the A&E to prevent those on trolleys in waiting from freezing to death while they wait treatment.

There is also some serious concern about mainstream patients having to share the A&E with unruly and intoxicated admissions. This is more prevalent at the weekends and can be a scary time for many.

There needs to be a separate entrance to the A&E for these people and reduce the risk of injury to the genuine ill.

Cllr Moloney says that while these may seem small alterations, it would mean a lot if you were on a trolley. While speaking to those in the hospital beds, there is a call for the Minister to look at countries where the health service is working and not carry on for the new year with failed policies of the past. After all, Dr O Reilly said that he would sort the HSE in six months and we see how that fell down.

Before he left the STGH there was a message to be sent to the minister that the Staff are top class and going over the call of duty, often sometimes without a break on a single shift. The Nurses could not do enough and that message needs to be driven home. He wished a speedy recover to those he met with on his trip up the hill.