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“Minister Hayes has zero credibility on Bansha Medical Centre,” McGrath

Independent TD Mattie McGrath has strongly contested a claim by Tipperary Minister of State Tom Hayes regarding the continuation of services at Bansha Medical Centre. Deputy McGrath was reacting after Minister Hayes claimed that there would be a restoration of the GP Rural Practice Allowance for Bansha which would avoid the necessity of closing the vital community resource centre:

“I have been in direct contact with the HSE regarding the provision of support allowances for Bansha Medical Centre and they have categorically told me that no decision has yet been made with respect to the allowance; this is in direct contradiction to what Tom Hayes stated this morning(27-11-2015).

What Minister Hayes is clearly attempting to do is to provide political cover for himself and his Government until the emergency meeting on the matter tonight is safely out of the way.

The fact is that Minister Hayes has absolutely no credibility when it comes to delivering on promises for Tipperary particularly in relation to the provision of medical or health services.

It is coming up on three years since he told us there would be step down beds provided for Cashel and yet we are still no closer to that becoming a reality.

He also told us that we would not lose services at St. Michaels in Clonmel and look how that has turned out.

It is blatantly obvious that given the 32 vacancies which exist for the rural practice allowance throughout this Country that we are now in the grip of a genuine crisis in rural health care. This is a fact that is recognised by all the GP representative organisations.

Minister Hayes and his Government have presided over the continual deterioration of this crisis as they lurch from one health policy disaster to another.

The people of Bansha and indeed the entirety of rural Tipperary will not sit back and be sacrificed to an incoherent and savagely unjust policy of withdrawing support for rural GP's,” concluded Deputy McGrath.