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Minor Progress on Waste Water Treatment Plant for Newcastle Village welcome – Cllr. Martin Lonergan

Local Independent County Councillor for Clonmel/Cahir Borough District, Cllr. Martin Lonergan has cautiously welcomed news from the Regional Manager of Irish Water that following ongoing negotiations with both Irish Water and Tipperary County Council in relation to ongoing issues with the sewerage pumping and treatment plant in Newcastle that both authorities are currently assessing the existing waste water network in the village.

The move comes after a number of meetings were held with Officials in relation to blockages and odour around the village which are caused by an under adequate pumping station and waste water treatment plant.

Commenting on the news Cllr Lonergan said, “The growth in terms of extra houses and an increase in the local population has, in no uncertain terms added to an under adequate and small pumping station and treatment area. The White Paper, commissioned by Government and which was released over 15 years ago announced investment in an upgraded wasterwater service, yet nothing has happened to-date. Local Developers were told over 7 years ago that the new system was only one year away at that stage and to date we see no meaningful investment or progress.

So while I cautiously welcome news that a joint assessment between Irish Water and Tipperary County Council is taking place, I am again making the call that funding be provided to improve the service in Newcastle and indeed in other villages across the District. I am also pleased that in the interim, Irish Water and the Local Authority are also undertaking a number of improved maintenance procedures, which should help to alleviate the problems at the waste water facility, namely;

1. Increase frequency of the current pump station inspections;

2. Log odour issues at the pump station;

3. Increase frequency of pump station maintenance;

4. Investigate the possibility of installing alarms to alert of a failure within the pump station;

5. Determine whether the addition of grease traps would improve the function of the existing network.”