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“Damning Report shows poorest have only 1 GP for every 2500 people,” McGrath

Independent TD Mattie McGrath has called on the Minister for Health to immediately suspend the introduction of the Under 12''s Free GP Care Scheme following a damning report on the levels of health inequality from The Irish College of General Practitioners (ICGP). Deputy McGrath made his comments after the Report highlighted a severe and persistent crisis in rural GP practice as well as confirmation of levels of deprivation that are actively reducing life expectancies in the poorest communities:

“This Report from the ICPG exposes truly horrendous levels of deprivation and inequality within our health system, particularly when it comes to accessing a local GP.

It demolishes the out of touch consensus that this Minister for Health has sought to build up around the nature of the threats to the entire GP infrastructure.

The Report could not be any clearer; where the needs of the patient population are greatest their needs are least served.

In North Dublin for example there is one GP per 2500 head of population while in the public hospital system 20% of GPs have no access to ultrasound, 80% no access to CT and 90% no access to MRI compared with near universal access in the private system.

For the Minister to push ahead with what is ultimately a dangerous and ill-judged vanity project, in terms of the Under 12 plan, while this scale of emergency has been confirmed, borders on a ruthless prioritisation of electoral politics over the glaring health needs that must first be addressed,” concluded Deputy McGrath