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Moloney renews call for recognition of ISL (Irish sign language)

As this is National Irish Sign Language Awareness week the Irish Deaf Society welcomes the moves by Cllr Andy Moloney who had tabled a successful motion to Tipperary County Council to have the government recognises the ISL has called on the HSE to provide a fund a qualified interpreter.

Moloney states that approximately 5000 deaf people use ISL on a daily basis and roughly 20,000 hearing people use it on a frequent basis.

As this is awareness week there are several events planned throughout the country from a Cycle in Waterford to a conference in Trinity College and finished off with a Rally outside Leinster House to highlight the imbalance within the teaching of Irish Deaf Children.

For instance, a deaf patient who may be diagnosed with an illness may not have the help of a fluent interpreter when receiving news on a particular illness. In other cases, training courses may not have sufficient resources and will cause a huge dropout rate in deaf pupils. Up to 80% of deaf children do not get any education as a result. Many migrants have the use of interpreters in our education system but deaf people do not have these facilities.

Cllr Moloney says that Tipperary Council is the 44th Council in the country to support the ISL.