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Cahir/Clonmel Area Local Election candidate Martin Lonergan has called on South Tipperary County Council and the Department of the Environment to allocate resources aimed specifically at repairing damage to road and direction signage caused by the recent storms. Mr Lonergan made his comments after receiving numerous requests from concerned residents who are deeply frustrated by the amount of work still to be carried out in this area of reconstruction:

?As far back as January Minister Hogan?s report to Cabinet following the storms set out a preliminary estimate of some ?35 million required for coastal works, about ?20 million for road repairs and about ?9 million for other works, including clean-up operations and the reinstatement of other infrastructure.

However not one penny of that ?65 million estimate took into account the cost of damage to other public infrastructure such as the ESB electricity network, and private infrastructure such as Eircom?s telephone network and the damage done to road or directions signage.

I have been called upon numerous times by many different people to press the Council and the Department to get to grips with the huge levels of inconvenience that is being caused by damage to signage.

On the face of it, this concern almost appears as an afterthought given the level of destruction that occurred but we need to keep in mind that proper repair to these signs is one of the least complicated ways to save us a considerable amount in the future if we replace them in a more permanent or immovable form.

For people who live in urban areas the problem may not seem so pronounced; but when you are living in rural Ireland accurate signage that is not sending people off in the opposite direction is vital for communities and businesses and indeed tourism activities.

Coastal repairs and road repairs are time consuming work but this is one area that can be tackled quickly and to huge effect and I am calling on the relevant bodies to respond in light of that,? concluded Mr Lonergan.