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Scarborough Annual Twinning Trip

During the week a group from Cahir traveled to Scarborough for the annual Twinning Trip. there was a few unfortunate absentees due to unforeseen circumstances just at the off but the remaining spirited bunch headed on regardless.

The Chairman of Tidy Towns was on hand to receive some advise from incoming Mayor Mrs Pat Marsburg and try and convince her to travel in September with a 40 strong group to spend a week in our Town from 6th to 13th September.the Cahir House proprietor was also quick to snap up the services of local vocalist "Geri" who will travel with the group and play a night in the Hotel and the Bell. This lady is very well renowned on the Leeds circuit and will be well worth hearing when they come to visit.

The current Mayor Mr Andrew Backhouse gave a very detailed tour of the Town Hall following a civic reception. those on the trip enjoyed a trip to Whitby as well as visiting some local establishments and stayed at the St Nicolas in the town center. Due to work commitments some came home earlier than others and the remaining crew were due into Cork on Sunday night.

Thanks again to Mike Manning and Ian Stuart and the team of followers for their welcome. Great to see George back in the pub and get well wishes to Dougie who was 96 when we were over. it is intended to start an easy pay system for the next trip which will be done through Tidy Towns and the Enterprise Center.

Names can be given to Andy Moloney or the Enterprise center. it might be another 12 months away but a weekly payments will have you sorted by December for economical booking.