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Shaun Fogarty Interview

Shaun Fogarty, 19, from Cahir, Tipperary, had an accident while driving in July. He suffered a C1 spinal injury, leaving him completely paralysed and is for now dependent on a ventilator. He is being treated in the Mater Hospital in Dublin and will spend Christmas there.

"For the past eight years we've had Christmas in our home in Tipperary. Every year me, my brother and sister wake up to see what presents are under the tree. Whoever wakes up first wakes the others up and we all go down together.

"I can't remember anything about my accident. I'm told I was coming home from work and that's when the accident happened. I've been here in the Mater about four months at this stage. The staff are very nice.

"I'm nervous more than excited for this Christmas. My family are staying up in Dublin to be close. I was actually feeling disappointed that because of me they are here instead of at home.

"I'm really hoping this will be the first and only Christmas I spend in hospital. I obviously need to do rehabilitation and will need specialised equipment, a special computer that is eye-activated, that'd be ?15,000, and I'll need a wheelchair, which costs nearly a year's salary for a lot of people, around ?30,000.

"Since my accident I've had so much support. My mam has been here every day bar one when she was sick, and my dad and my brother and sister are up nearly every weekend.

"At home, there is a lot going on with so many people fundraising for me. It's very nice to see, and it is actually very surprising. You'd don't realise how much people care until something actually happens."