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Mary Newman Julian receives VCI Seanad Nomination

Mary Newman Julian has confirmed that she has received a nomination to contest the forthcoming Seanad Election from the Veterinary Council of Ireland (VCI).

‘I am delighted to have been nominated by the Veterinary Council of Ireland as a candidate on the Cultural and Educational panel for the upcoming Seanad Elections. It was very heartening to receive such support from my veterinary colleagues and others, who are elected members of the Veterinary Council of Ireland' Mary said.

She added ‘I am very grateful for the support I received from the people of Tipperary in the General Election, having received nearly 5,000 first preferences across the county as a first-time General Election candidate. I would like to thank each and every voter who put their trust in me on February 8th. However, it is regrettable that Tipperary is currently without a Fine Gael Oireachtas member and I hope, with a lively few weeks of canvassing ahead of me, that I can win a seat in Seanad Eireann'.

There are 5 vocational panels for the Seanad Elections: Cultural & Educational, Agriculture, Industrial & Commercial, Labour and Administrative. The electorate is comprised of Councillors, current TDs and outgoing Senators. Candidates can receive a nomination from ‘outside' nominating bodies, or ‘inside' nominations from four Oireachtas members.

Mary added ‘I am passionate about rural Ireland, animal health, and the role agriculture can play in mitigating against climate change. I believe we need better public representation, in order to identify scientific based solutions to the many challenges and opportunities that lie ahead within our sector. In addition, I believe that education is key, and that science as opposed to opinion, must be the bedrock of all policy formation'

‘The Registrar of the Veterinary Council confirmed to me this evening that nominating papers will be submitted to the Clerk of the Seanad on Friday, 21st of February and I thanked her, and all the members that voted for me, for their support'