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N24 Concerns Raised by Cllr Moloney

At the recent meeting of the Tipperary County Council, Cllr Andy Moloney raised concerns about the road surface of the Knockagh Roundabout and approach roads. The council are to contact Transport Infrastructure Ireland about the recent spate of accidents in this area.

He also expressed concerns about the Bridge at Ballydrehid and the possibility of widening a section on the Cahir side to allow trucks to pass with ease. He claimed that when a truck is committed to the bridge and another approach from the Cahir direction, he or she needs to have room to put the nose of the cab into the ditch to allow the oncoming vehicle pass with ease.

Moloney claimed that this is not a long stretch although it is a deep dyke and would be a huge benefit to larger vehicles.

Another bone of contention is the closing of roads in the event of an accident. It seems to be the norm now to close the road completely rather than reduce the lanes.

The council have informed him that they have revised 6 diversion routes, complete with traffic management plans, to cater for future closures on the N24 between Cahir and Carrick. Further consultation is now taking place in order to get these implemented. Should this pilot prove beneficial, it will be rolled out to the other districts.

While not trying to sound negative all the time, the Cahir based councillor thanked the Council for the improvements to the walking path between Ballydrehid and Toureen. This is beneficial to families out walking and cycling the loop and too and from school.

He also thanked them for the lay-by near the school and the hedge-cutting to allow better views along the stretch.