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Tipperary General Election

2.45pm Alan Kelly Labour and Jackie Cahill Fianna Fail elected on the final count after Garret Ahearn was deemed eliminated.

1.45pm After the 8 count Mattie McGrath and Martin Browne are deemed elected. It is now a 3 horse race for the last 2 seats.

1pm Count 8 continues in Thurles. Not much splitting the other candidates.

12.45pm After count 7 Seamus Healy is deemed eliminated and his votes being distributed.

11.50am After count 6 Mary Newman Julian is deemed eliminated and her votes being distributed.

11.15am As count 6 is underway the snow is starting to take over in Thurles.

11.10am After count 5 Joe Hannigan is deemed eliminated. His votes will be distributed shortly.

10.40am Not much to report as of yet as the count centre staff continue to redistributed Imelda Goldsboro's papers.

10am Monday Counting is set to resume any minute now.

10.40pm That is all for today. Counting will resume tomorrow Monday at 10am.

10.35 Imelda Goldsboro is deemed eliminated after the 4th count. Her votes will be redistributed in the morning

Source RTE

10pm After the third count, Rob O'Donnell of the Green Party is deemed eliminated. Rob's vote will be distributed.

Source RTE

9pm Michael Lowrys surplus deemed nobody elected after the second count. Marese Skehan(RIP), Dolores Cahill and Sandra Farrell are deemed eliminated.

Source RTE

7.25pm Here is a breakdown of the first count where Independent Michael Lowry was deemed elected.

Source RTE

7.15pm Michael Lowry elected as his first count exceeds the required quota (13632). (14,802 VOTES 18.1% 1ST PREF).

6.40pm Contested ballots being adjudicated.

6.08pm Count one is complete and we expect the announcement at 6.30pm.

5.30pm The Tipperary Returning Officer James Seymour hopes at least 3 of the 5 seats in Tipperary will be filled before the count centre closes for the night. It's still expected that the first announcement will be shortly after 6pm. Spoiled votes were looked over a short while ago be representatives of the candidates.

3.30pm Sorting continues at the Presentation Convent Sports Hall in Thurles. Noting new to report at this time.

1.55pm It is believed the result of the first count is expected for Tipperary at approximately 6.30 pm. No change on percentages for the 100 per cent tally completed to the 95 per cent stats below.

1.10pm Just after lunchtime and 95 per cent of boxes in the premier county are now tallied. An exciting few hours ahead.

1pm After 194 of the 300 Tipperary election boxes tallied, here are the totals and percentages.

12.30pm We bring you the tally count with 71 per cent of the boxes now counted. We will keep monitoring proceedings.

12pm Now with just under 60 per cent of the tally counted in Tipperary we are starting to get a clearer picture. Do you think we will have our first candidate elected today?

11.40am Following on from the tally after 45% of boxes counted, here is the breakdown from around the county:

11.10am Below is the result of the tally after 45% of the boxes are counted around the county.

10.50am Here is how it looks with 6 boxes open for the Thurles area. Lowry is polling the strongest so far.

10.30am A look at the first tallies from Cahir. Again we stress how early it is in this race.

9.35am The first tally of the day. A long way to go!

9.25am Members of Marese Skehan's family attended a minute's silence for Marese in the Presentation Convent this morning.

9am The count is underway in the Presentation Convent Sports Hall in Thurles. More throughout the day.