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Government Announce 1000 new poles for a Tipp

There was much jubilation amongst general election candidates this morning in the county with the announcement of 1000 new poles to be erected in the coming days.

The first will be put up on old church street in Cahir where the foundation has been dug in anticipation.

Election candidates had lobbied the minister as there were not enough poles for posters.

Following several promises by GE20 hopefuls to ban single-use plastic there was a new wave of posters over the weekend and candidates have had to resort to trailers and buildings and vehicles due to the scarcity of poles.

One candidate told Cahir News it was an absolute disgrace about the lack of poles and we are having to put our hand in our pockets now to buy drink in pubs to get our word across.

The new poles will be erected as a pilot scheme and they have asked that they would be tar free to save the environment.

Nobody was available this morning for comment.