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Irish Rail To Meet Tipperary Co Co

At this months meeting of the Tipperary-Cahir-Cashel Municipal Meeting, a motion by Cahir based councillor Andy Moloney was amended following a recent outing to Dublin by Cahir Scouting Group.

Moloney's motion that was up for discussion today was,

“That the National Transport Agency look at the rail service in the district with regards to passenger timetable and its plans for a freight train on the Cahir line in conjunction with its policy to advance the transition to low emissions transport system and the administration of the smarter travel workplace programme. both of which are NTA policy”

This motion was amended following, as described by Cllr Moloney, as the disgraceful treatment of the local scouting group at the weekend on their annual outing.

Moloney pointed out to the meeting that the leaders had booked the train and their seats in good faith and at enormous cost and had been left sitting on the floors and in between carriages as there was no room. Not alone did they not have a seat but the Carriage (F) that they were allocated was not even on the track along with carriage G.

Since Mondays meeting Cahir News Online believes that the scouting group will get a full refund and Irish Rail will meet with Tipperary County Council.

Moloney also went on to add that the Smarter Travel policy of the NTA was reduce CO2, Save Energy, safety first and space-saving on our roads and car parks.

How are we supposed to enhance our Green Profile, reduce our traffic and carbon emissions if this is the way they treat their customers he added.

On the other hand, Irish Rail advertise that we should travel with them for more relaxed travel, great fares and travel in comfort.

It's hoped the meeting with Irish Rail will take place in the coming weeks.

He finished his presentation by complimenting the scouting leaders who handled the difficulty situation as best they could on a day when a trip to galleries and museums was to be the highlight of the year for the local troop.