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Cahirs first Property Marking training

Gardaí in Cahir underwent the first Property Marking training on 30th October 2019 at Cahir Garda Station. James O Neill from Property Marking Ireland delivered the training and we were joined by two members from Ballylooby Text Alert group.

Property marking involves using a tungsten carbide-tipped pin to indent an object with dots to create a visible, permanent unique number. The unique number will be the Eircode of the owner's residence or business. This unique numbering system vastly increases the chances that the property will be reunited with its owner if it is lost or stolen.

Dot peen (the method used to make the mark) machines can mark at a speed of two characters per second, to an accuracy of 0.006mm, and can be used on everything from steel and aluminium to plastic. It can be used in farms, on garage and garden tools, power tools, computers and electrical devices, many mobile phones and tablets. This property marking is regarded as an excellent anti-theft method. Property Marking Roadshows will start rolling out in Cahir District in the very near future. Watch this space!!