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Clogheen Rd Pedestrian Crossing Concerns

Cllr Andy Moloney has received several calls about the pedestrian crossing on the Clogheen Road in Cahir and how a number of people have experienced some near misses since its installation.

Moloney said that last year during a roads survey for the town of Cahir, the Clogheen road was deemed 100% non compliant for speed and works were undertaking this summer as a matter of urgency to try slow traffic coming into town.

These works also incorporated a cycle lane and the narrowing of the carriageway. Works were also completed on Barrack Street and at the junction onto the Mitchelstown road.

This is all part of the overall design for roads entering the town and works have now started on the Mitchelstown Road which was 87% non compliant for speed. There are further works planned for the Lisava section and locals can see the build-out at Mountain View Drive been constructed at the moment.

While it will take some time for HGVs to get used to using the widened BMW junction as Barrack Street has now tightened up and this is seen to be a safer option and will tie into the overall design for safety on the Mitchelstown Road. Works will continue into 2020 on approach roads and it will be all for the good.

As regards the Pedestrian Crossing on the Clogheen road, it's a case that both motorists and pedestrians will have to adapt also. While motorists must yield if there is someone at the Crossing, it would be safer for the pedestrian to wait until the driver comes to a full stop before crossing the road. There is an onus on common sense to prevail but in the meantime, everyone should be vigilant and give the new design a chance.

Moloney has also called for a car pooling parking to be included as part of the Mitchelstown road design to take a lot of workers cars off the Side of the road and provide a safe place of parking.

The Cahir councillor has welcomed the improvements in footpaths and roads in the last 18 months and further improvements to look forward to in the new year.