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Cahir library On The Move To Craft Granary Building

The Board of the South East Regional Craft Centre CLG decided, at a Board

meeting held on the 30th May, to cease trading on the 29th June 2019 and to

wind up the affairs of the company operating the Cahir Craft Centre in the

Granary building.

Following this decision, discussions have taken place with the Department of

Social Protection who supply staff on placement to the company, and

assurances have been received that all staff will be facilitated on another

scheme in the Cahir area.

As a result of the decision to wind up the company, the Craft Granary

building in Cahir, which is currently held on lease from Tipperary County

Council, will revert to Council control on the 30th June.

The Council is aware that the current Cahir Library premises does not meet

the needs of a modern library service and, accordingly, has been examining

if sections of the Granary building occupied by the Craft Centre can be

adapted for Library Service use.

Preliminary indications are that the building can be easily adapted for this

purpose and, at a meeting held on the 7th June, the Elected Members

from the Cahir area were briefed on the Council plans.

The other existing businesses operating in the Granary building will not be

affected by the closure of the Craft Centre and proposed changes to the

ground floor and first floor areas.

While councillors expressed their disappointment that the Craft Centre would

cease operating in the town they also emphasised the importance of finding

an alternative use for the vacant sections of the Granary building. In

addition, councillors highlighted the need to find alternative uses for the

existing Cahir Library building, when vacated, and the adjacent council


Officials from Tipperary County Council informed the Elected Members that

refurbishment plans were being prepared in relation to both buildings and

that these proposals when further developed will be presented to the

councillors with a view to getting the necessary planning consents, where

required, and also applying for funding under the relevant national schemes

and programmes in order to implement these plans.