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Transitions from Pre-school to Primary School

Introducing National Parents Council Primary Early Years Services

The transition from pre-school to primary school can be one of the most important transitions that your child will

make. By providing this programme for you, we can support you to support your child to make a smooth transition

between pre-school and primary school. The success of this transition can benefit your child all the way through

primary school providing better outcomes for your child socially, emotionally and educationally.

At the training you will

 Meet other parents whose children are starting primary school

 Explore the possible changes you and your child may experience during this transition

 Learn how you can support your child at home through play and meaningful interactions

 Receive a brief overview of the primary school curriculum, how and what your child will learn

 Support you to prepare for new routines for both you and your child

 Meet local representatives of the Child Care Committee who can assist with any questions around the ECCE


We are delighted to announce that representatives from the NCSE (National Council for Special Education) and AIM

(Access and Inclusion Model) will also be in attendance to deliver an information session for parents and guardians.

They will each outline the supports available to children with special educational needs , covering pre-schools and

primary schools, and provide information which will help parents support their child's transition from preschool to

primary school.

You can register to attend either session online at

For further information contact the Early Years Services Manager by email or phone 01-8874484