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Moloney's concern for climate change

Moloney on Climate Change

A motion before the recent meeting of Tipperary County Council by Cahir based councillor Andy Moloney on Climate Change received the full support of the Chambers when seconded by the Mayor Cllr Richie Molloy.

Moloney was calling on the Department of Communications , climate action and environment for funding to educate our communities, organizations and schools on the importance of Climate Change.

Cllr Moloney was of the opinion that while everyone is aware of global warming, he felt some elements of society were not buying into change.

He claimed that he himself took a long time to grasp what was meant by it all, and until he sat in on some talks over the past few months it was brought home to him that we are walking straight into a catastrophe.

He claimed that for years every house had a barrel out the back for burning and we had moved away from that but we need to do more.

In trying to simplify the terminology used by scientists he broke it down to the bare facts that Climate Change is caused by Human activity as opposed to changes in the climate that may have resulted as part of the Earths natural process.

The primary cause of climate change is the burning of fossil fuels such as oil and coal, which emits greenhouse gases into the atmosphere primarily carbon dioxide. Other human activities such as agriculture and deforestation, also contribute to the proliferation of greenhouse gases that cause climate change.

Moloney claimed that we are burning our children's future and that even small increases in the earths temperatures caused by climate change can have severe effects on the earths temperature.

Earth Temperature over the past decade rose by 1.4 degrees and is expected to rise 11.5 degrees over the next decade.

Rising sea levels due to melting Polar Ice Caps (again caused by climate change) contributes to greater storm change, warming ocean Temperatures are associated with more frequent storms, additional rainfall, particularly during severe weather events leads to flooding and other damage.

In conclusion, Moloney claimed that we can see an increase in rainfall in winter and decrease in summer and with the rise in sea temperatures we can see more intense and aggressive storms by the end of the century.

The farming community have been the quickest to act in the interest of the deteriorating climates and now the motion will be sent to Minister Bruton to put a plan in place on the seriousness of climate change.

Moloney claimed that it was quiet ironic that his motion coincided with a week when Ireland scored drastically poor by European standards even though he claimed Tipperary was well ahead of other counties in Ireland.