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Eurodivision, The 2 Johnnies not entering Eurovision!

It's not often you see discussion about Eurovision in October but rumours have spread recently about a potential entry from a certain Johnny or should I say Johnnies. That's right not Johnny Logan but comedy double act and viral sensations “the two johnnies” have been linked with a bid for the upcoming Eurovision song contest. we went straight to the lovely horses mouth to find out the truth.

It seems while the pair “are big fans of Mickey Joe Harte” they have ruled out putting their names forward for Eurovision. The pair went on to say that they wouldn't rule it out in the future, Smacks had even gone as far as to learn a verse of “My lovely horse” on guitar but it seems Johnny B managed to reel him back in.

So there will be no sign of “the 2 johnnies” at the Eurovision next may but if we get Johnny Logan on the phone maybe we could get the Three Johnnies for 2020.