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Cahir Historical Society Receives Heritage Award for Commemorative Event

The Cahir Historical Society was recently honoured with a Heritage Award, celebrating their part in the successful re-enactment of a significant moment in local history. This event, held on August 13, recreated the first Bianconi coach journey from 1815.

Beginning at 1 pm, a convoy of five horse-drawn carriages set off from Hearn's Hotel in Clonmel, a key site in the Bianconi network. Passengers dressed in period costume were collected from this venue, enhancing the authenticity of the experience. The carriages followed the original route taken on July 6, 1815, passing through local townlands including Ballingarrane, Loughtally, and Killeigh, before arriving at the Castle Car Park in Cahir around 3 pm.

The Cahir Historical Society's effort in organizing this event was recognized as a vital contribution to preserving and promoting local heritage. Róisín O'Grady, County Heritage Officer, was acknowledged for her support, along with John McMahon, who organized the horse-drawn carriages. John O'Meara from Tipperary County Council was thanked for arranging the logistics at the Castle Car Park and providing refreshments.

This award highlights the society's commitment to keeping history alive and accessible to the community. The successful reenactment not only commemorated an important historical event but also fostered a deeper appreciation of the area's rich heritage among residents and visitors alike.