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Independent Councillors Support For Fire Services

Cllr Andy Moloney, The Lowry Team and a large group of Independent councillors led by Cllr Seamus Morris have written a letter to request that a special meeting of Tipperary County Council be called to discuss what measures and contingencies are in place, what will be put in place and what can Tipperary County Council do to support fire services in the county.

The group also requested that a group of firefighters should attend the meeting and give their perspective on matters and point out some of the problems they are facing. Previous attempts to raise the issue at council level were thwarted when the members were told that while talks were ongoing, councillors were not permitted to discuss the issue in the chambers. 

Cllr Moloney, who had previously supported the emergency services when the chainsaws were removed from the service, and as late as last year requested funding from Irish Water to map the fire hydrants in the town and local villages, of which Irish water have also taken over the maintenance of this service. 

Independents who put their names to the letter were: Andy Moloney, Seamus Morris, Michael Lowry, Michael O'Meara, Ed Moran, Shane Lee, Richie Molloy, Hughie McGrath, Mattie McGrath, Jim Ryan, Anne Marie (Shiner) Ryan, Kevin O'Meara.