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Specified Serious Illness Protection - Cummins Financial Services

​Specified Serious Illness Protection is an insurance policy which lasts for a fixed number of years and pays out a lump sum if you are diagnosed with any of the illnesses covered by the policy before the policy ends.

While more people than ever are surviving serious illnesses, they often need time off work to get back on their feet.

Even a small amount of Specified Serious Illness Cover could buy you the time you need to recover properly, without having to use up your hard-earned savings!

The average drop in income following a cancer diagnosis is €1,527 per month with the average monthly cost being €756 following a diagnosis.

To avoid being out of pocket, taking out Specified Serious Illness Cover could be time well spent.

Some illnesses covered under such a policy are:
Alzheimer's Disease
Brain/Spinal Cord Tumour
Crohn's Disease
Drug Resistant Epilepsy
Liver/Kidney Failure
Motor Neurone Disease
Parkinson's Disease
Stroke Multiple Sclerosis
Terminal Illness
Severe Mental Illness
Carcinoma in Situ
Diabetes Type 1
Third Degree Burns
Serious Accident Cover
And many more… 60 Full Illness Covered & 40 Partial Illnesses Covered!

Contact  Cummins Financial Services to receive your quote for Specified Serious Illness Protection or a review of your existing policy. 

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