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X8 Expressway Service To Be Replaced by 245X

The Bus Éireann Expressway Route X8 is to cease next month, with the final service to operate on Saturday 4th September. However, the National Transport Authority (NTA) has confirmed that from 5th September, a new service will replace it. A Public Service Obligation (PSO) route will operate between Cork and Dublin, serving Fermoy, Mitchelstown, Cahir and Cashel. Four services daily will be offered on the new 245X route.

The 245X will maintain the same timetable, with the same stops as the previous route, and will terminate in Dublin City. Some fares between Dublin and Cork will increase by €1, however for the first time, a 30% Leap Card discount will be applied, meaning that, using Leap Card, a single ticket between Cork and Dublin will be €12.25 instead of the previous fare of €16.50. Leap Cards can be bought online, delivered by post to any household in the country and easily topped up on Android or iPhone devices 24 hours a day using the Leap Top Up app.

Passengers will be able to buy a ticket online at but reserving a seat will not be possible.