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“Significant reduction in violence toward hospital staff greatly welcomed,” Mattie McGrath

Independent TD Mattie McGrath has said that a fall in the number of Violence and Aggression Related Incidents relating to staff at South Tipperary General Hospital for 2018 is an extremely welcome development on previous year's figures. Deputy McGrath was speaking after information released to him as part of a parliamentary reply showed that from 2012-2018, a total of 82 Violent and Aggressive Incidents were committed against staff at the Clonmel facility:

“The number of incidents recorded so far this year are in stark contrast to the high numbers of 2015 when 21 Incidents were recorded and 2016 when 16 Incidents were recorded.

Up to July of this year a total of one Violent and Aggressive Incident has taken place. Of course that is still one too many and it is absolutely appalling that such events occur at all.

We all know the pressure that frontline staff are being subjected to at STGH with the persistently high rate of patients on trolleys and indeed the pressure that patients and their families experience when they have to wait for very long periods of time in far from ideal conditions.

Thankfully the vast majority of people who use the hospital are understanding and do not resort to attacking the staff through physical or verbal violence.

However, there is clearly a certain segment who feel they can lash out and that must be guarded against at all times.

I have asked for a further breakdown of the figures to assess the gravity of the attacks on the staff and have also sought to find out how much of this is fuelled by drugs or alcohol or any other issues.

In any event; we must work to ensure that the staff at STGH feel they can work in a non-threatening environment and that in particular, vulnerable patients are also not subjected to being caught up in these kinds of incidents,” concluded Deputy McGrath.