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Pilot Scheme Bins here to stay

Cllr Andy Moloney who introduced the Big Belly bins to Cahir on a pilot scheme says they are here to stay. Moloney and local Representative of the Big Belly company Derek Davis of Kyron Ltd came together to approach the council to introduce the Big Belly bin to Cahir on a pilot scheme.

The bins are solar driven and work as a compactor every time the bin is utilized. When the bin is full it sends a text to the Council staff to tell them to come and empty me.

The bins are energy efficient and reduce the carbon footprint which is a priority for Tipperary County Council.

There will be a further 2 bins added to the town but there will be modifications to the entry point of the bins. At the moment, street bins are been abused with household rubbish. The opening in the new bins will only take street size litter. Monitoring of the bins will continue by the Environment dept. it is hoped that in time the town will be fitted out with these new bins.