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Teens take yacht for

The main suspect behind the incident, who is known for burglaries, managed to bypass the controls on the 40ft yacht at D?n Laoghaire Harbour. The theft, described by garda? as ?bizarre? and ?crazy?, was reported at around 5.30am on Sunday. The trio, two men, both aged 18, and a girl, aged 17, accessed the yacht and got the engine going. They maneouvred it out and, according to garda sources, ?made good their escape?. Garda? said that to operate a yacht would involve ?a degree of skill? that not anyone could do. It is thought that the owner of the yacht raised the alarm and garda? were informed. The yacht is estimated to be worth in the region of ?200,000. The yacht went south towards Greystones, Co Wicklow, before heading further down the Wicklow coast as far was Wexford, before turning back. During this time the Garda Air Support Unit was tracking the yacht. It is thought it tried to dock at Greystones Marina at around 1.30pm, but the boat was spotted by garda?. The thieves took off again, monitored by the Garda helicopter. It docked at South Beach in Greystones, something which sources again said involved a level of skill. The three youths fled on foot but were tracked down by local garda? at around 3pm. They were arrested under Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act. The main suspect was expected to appear in court, while it was not clear what was going to happen to the other 18-year-old man. The 17-year-old girl may be referred to the juvenile diversion programme. The yacht was sealed off and was subject to a technical and forensic examination. Garda? are satisfied this was not a case of the organised theft of high-powered boats by criminal gangs for profit, and was a joyriding incident. The main suspect is known to garda? in relation to burglaries.