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Moloneys Motion Causing Concern

A motion put before the council on Monday next by Cllr Andy Moloney is gathering momentum before the debate even gets to the chambers. Cllr Moloney has a motion served for debate with a few weeks and many fellow councillors and TDs are now expressing concern that the Chief Fire Officer wants to remove the Chainsaws from Cahir and Carrick stations. They are supposed to be transferred to north Tipp in order to enhance the services in that end of the county. However, Cllr Moloney is not convinced that this is the truth behind the move as he believes that the saws that were taken from the stations up north are still in storage and sees no economical gain for the move that could put lives at risk. The independent councillor, Andy Moloney will move the debate tomorrow morning and will be pushing for the status que to remain in Cahir and Carrick. It looks like getting full support of fellow councillors when the real facts will be put on the table for all to hear.