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Cahir Could Be Beet HQ-Moloney

At this months meeting of Tipperary Co Co, Cllr Andy Moloney put a strong case forward to have the beet industry resurrected and based in Cahir.

Cllr Moloney had a motion before the council that he said would be the saving of the Waterford to Limerick Junction rail line and bringing the beet industry back to the center of the natural growing areas.

In a recent article printed on a national paper, Cllr Moloney claimed that Beet Ireland were looking for a site to process potentially 30,000 hectares of beet.

Battered by a slump in global grain prices, tillage farmers are said to be keen to resume growing sugar. The viability of resurrecting Ireland's sugar industry has been boosted by the abolition of EU sugar quotas.

Moloney claimed that a greenfield site along the troubled rail line was the best location for the new Enterprise could be located in Cahir where there is Natural Gas line, plenty water, provisions for a double rail line and the old N8 for road haulage.

Most other rail lines are not suitable as they are fast tracks and Cahir is in the middle of historical production sites of Mallow, Tuam and Carlow.

The Councillor said he was not been parochial but you have an area that ticks all the boxes in Cahir.

Another benefit to large growing of sugar beet is that it is a carbon sink and growing in huge volumes would also help reducing harmful emissions.

Tipperary County Council agreed to work with any group who are seeking to establish the development of a beet growing industry through its planning and economic sections.