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Moloneys Call to Irish Water

A motion to this month?s council meeting by Cllr Andy Moloney looking for services to be handed back to the local authority got the full support of the chamber. The motion to have control of our call centre service at Irish Water handed back to our local engineers got full support when Cllr Moloney explained that we need to cut out the middle man as local knowledge was been lost and that IW needed lessons in Geography.

When we ring in a complaint, we more or less have to go through the Map of the County to find the area we want to represent and then have to go down to townlands and individual houses. At that stage the complaint is logged and someone somewhere decides who shall sort the issue out. It may not be the council that get the job as often it?s a sub-contractor. The old system where we rang the engineer who knew the lie of the land and could pinpoint the leak of sewage blockage in an instant is gone. The Engineer now has to wait on a works order number (if he gets the job) before he can deploy his men to the scene. We have no follow up system to see how the repairs are progressing and with farmers milking or houses with small children it is frustrating for the families effected and also for the councillors who cannot give an answer. We need to get control back to the man on the ground with the local knowledge until such time as Irish Water is fit for service. A letter will be sent to IW after Moloneys call was seconded by Sinn Fein and supported by the floor.