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Department Of Agriculture Called To Act

At the December meeting of Clonmel Borough District, Cllr Andy Moloney proposed that the Dept of Agriculture would be contacted to make resources available and deal with the serious situation of neglected horses in the Clonmel area.

Moloney called on the Department to just do their job and nothing else. He said that the rules are there and need to be enforced and if this meant extra resources then so be it.

From recent reports it seems that the ISPCA and the department knew about the issues in knocklofty and earlier intervention could have had a different outcome.

Those who had known about this situation for some time also need to be accountable.

Cllr Richie Molloy seconded the call from Moloney and the council contacted the Department for immediate response.

Cllr Molloy said that this needed to be dealt with straight away and was only too happy to be associated with a call for action.